Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ministry of Sound is Saved

Ministry of Sound is Saved....

After a long fought legal battle Ministry of Sound is today reflecting on the decision made by the London Borough of Southwark’s Planning Committee. Their members voted overwhelmingly to reject an application for planning permission for Eileen House. Had this application been approved, the impact upon Ministry of Sound's business would have been catastrophic and resulted in our closure.

Ministry of Sound is delighted with the decision as are the 200 people who work there, the 300,000 plus people who visit the club annually and the local businesses including pubs, taxi firms and takeaway shops who all depend on the trade from the huge number of people the club attracts to the area each year.

Lohan Presencer, MOS's CEO, said this morning:

"A huge thank you to the 25,000 plus people who signed the petition. Last night the Planning Committee showed why local democracy matters to this country.

“We are incredibly pleased that committee members have applied proper scrutiny to all the aspects of the application and its relation to planning policy.

“Members have arrived at the correct decision and now is the time for all concerned to come together to find a positive vision for the regeneration of the Elephant and Castle. Ministry of Sound wants to play a key part in this.

“We always maintained that this was the wrong development in the wrong place, not just because of the catastrophic implications it would have had for our business, but because it was wrong in every way for the people of Southwark.”

Ministry of S0und had fought the case both in the courts and in the hearts of fans of the club sending out updates regarding the planning permission and being proactive using their blog, Facebook and Twitter. The Save Ministry of Sound London Club Facebook group has over 12,000 fans and their main Facebook group attaining over 50,000 members

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