Sunday, 2 June 2013

Turkish Protest Twitter Hashtags Translated into English

I have translated the Turkish protest hashtags into English. I have done this to help those who do not understand Turkish to get a better understanding of what is happening in Turkey. I hope that these translations will help people to research the reasons why the protests are taking place against the Turkish government in Turkey and across the globe
Social media ensured that the voices from the Turkish protesters have been heard. The international media was very slow to cover demonstrations held in Turkey despite the uproar on Twitter and the violent scenes filmed and distributed across social media sites. On Friday the hashtag  #DirenGeziParkı (which translates to 'stand strong those protesting in Gezi Park') became the top tweeted hashtag across the globe as the violence intensified. Other hashtags also filled the top spots during the course of the day. However it didn't make the national TV news within the UK until the continued protesting on Saturday and today.

Turkish protest hashtags translated into English.

  • #TAYYİPSANAGÜLEGÜLE - " Goodbye Tayyip" (statement to indicate that Tayyip Erdogan the current prime minister is going to be forced out of power soon)
  • #cnnntvhabertürküBOYKOTEDİYORUZ -" We boycott CNNTV and Haber Turk" (CNN in Turkey and Haber Turk TV Station are state controlled. This hashtag is used to raise the awareness that the reporting by the state media is not subjective. A petition about CNN needing to re-claim the TV station has now been launched.
  • #DictatorErdogan "Dictator Erdogan" (Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's is the Prime Minister in Turkey. His leadership is being compared to that of a Dictator)
  • StopLie AboutTurkey "Stop Lying about Turkey"  (Directed to the government who are reporting a very different story to that told by the protesters). 
  • #occupygezi "Occupy Gezi" - (Occupy Gezi Park, the place where the protests started. Gezi Park is one of the last green areas in central Istanbul. It is due to be developed into a shopping mall despite the wishes of many).
  • #direngeziparki "Stand Strong Gezi Park" (Stand Strong those protesting in Gezi Park) 
  • #taksim - "Taksim" - Taksim is a popular area to visit and socialise in within Istanbul. It is near Gezi Park. Taksim Square is one of the areas in Turkey where a large protest is taking place.
  • #direnankara "Stay Strong Ankara". Ankara is the capital of Turkey and an area where a lot of protests are currently taking place against the government. It is also the location of the Prime Ministers office.
Turkish Police brutally disperse Istanbul crowds
Why are the Turkish People Fighting?
Protesters clean up Gezi Park to keep the protests as clean as possible
Protesters keeping the protest clean by clearing up the mess left from the night before
The protests against Recep Tayyip Erdoğan continue across Turkey with demonstrations outside Turkish embassies in London, New York, Barcelona and across the globe. 
Feel free to tweet this post adding the Turkish protest hashtags to spread it far and wide: #TAYYİPSANAGÜLEGÜLE, #cnnntvhabertürküBOYKOTEDİYORUZ #DictatorErdogan #occupygezi #direngeziparki #taksim #direnankara

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hospices receive a live video stream from a London pantomime this Christmas

The Broadway Barking will be streaming performances of their successful Christmas pantomime ‘Cinderella’ to local hospices live this Christmas. Richard House and St Joseph’s Hospice will be accessing the stream for free so that their residents don’t miss out on this year’s panto.

This initiative is supported by DeadSocial and it is hoped that this project will roll out across the national network of hospices and hospice patient families via the umbrella organisations Together for Short Lives and the UK-wide charity, Help the Hospices.
Cinderella at the Broadway will stream performances during this festive season and they encourage any other interested hospices or nursing homes across the country to get in touch. Live streaming and other content, like rehearsals, workshops and live Q&A sessions have been a feature of the Autumn season at the Broadway. Chris Mellor, Interim Creative Producer says: I am is a passionate advocate of this technology as a means of reaching a much wider audience, both in the comfort of their own homes, but equally as powerfully in hospitals and hospices across the UK.
Cinderella live stream
The Broadway has teamed up this year with Arc Theatre marrying all the traditional fun of pantomime, with the theatrical ingenuity and contemporary comment that has set Arc apart for 30 years. Director Carole Pluckrose, Artistic Director of Arc Theatre, heads a vital, young creative team including co-founder and Arc’s creative director Clifford Oliver, who has written this original Cinderella script; Phil Gostelow, who has written the score; choreographer Owen Smith; designer Ian Teague and lighting designer Chloe Kenward.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

UNICEF increase Social Media Marketing efforts

UNICEF increase Social Media Marketing efforts (according to the Dachis Group's Social Business Index) Analyzed by Lauren Picarello.

UNICEF’s mission is to build a world where the rights of every child are realized. Over the past week, activities from the nonprofit’s Facebook page led the rise in its social activity across the web. Last Friday UNICEF posted a vintage photo from a mission that the organization embarked upon years ago and it received over 6,000 likes and over 800 shares. 
Whether it’s a video to garner support for Syrian refugees, recognition for high-profile supporters like Novak Djokovic or relevant articles like this one from the New York Times that support UNICEF’s mission, the organization is in constant contact with its supporters with super relevant and meaningful updates across the board. 
Social Business Index's top 20 ranked social businesses this week can be seen below:

Monday, 22 October 2012

Setup Charity Campaign Goals on Youtube for free

Google has announced ‘YouTube Campaigns’ that allows non-profit organisations to set a public goal overlay on their videos, for free much like publicly raising money. An organisation can activate the campaign and set the target for all to see which YouTube hopes will encourage virality.
While I’m not exactly sure how nonprofits will use this just yet, it is an interesting new tool to stretch the boundaries a bit when it comes to video campaigns. I can actually see this being useful for all YouTube video uploaders, but clearly this is something built with social good in mind. From my experience with raising awareness online for important causes, whenever you have tools like this to help along the creativity process, you tend to take your game to the next level. This type of thing is important for the nonprofits themselves, as well as the supporters who want a window into what these campaigns are doing as far as spreading awareness.
YouTube says it currently has over 18K nonprofits in its “Nonprofit Program”

Monday, 8 October 2012

Social Media Week statistics 2012

This year was not only the year of the Queen's Jubilee, the Olympics and the Paralympics, but also the only year that Social Media Week London will take place twice within 12 months (therefore, needless to say, there will not be a SMWLDN in February).

Our second Social Media Week London this year has now passed, having moved to it's new home of September, and what a week 24th - 28th September 2012 was.

This September's SMWLDN saw 176 events taking place across the city, with 21 of those being Chinwag events - and all the rest thanks to our 125 wonderful event partners including BBCBeyondCIPRDachis GroupDellEventbriteGreat British ChefsHootsuiteLondon College of FashionMicrosoftNursing & Midwifery CouncilRoyal Television SocietyStory WorldwideSkypeUnileverYammer and more.

As a team, we were helped by 27 brilliant Advisory Board members4 incredible interns and a small army of 40 amazing volunteers.
SMWLDN Audiences learnt from and were entertained by 320 speakers and for the first time, we had eight content themed SMWLDN Hubs:
  • Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook
  • Business & Enterprise Hub at The Hub Westminster
  • Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine
  • Media, Mobile & Lifestyle Hub at Unruly
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub at Google Campus
  • "How To" Hub at O2 Workshop
  • Community & Conversation Hub at ExHoSo House
  • SMWLDN Lounge at The Social Partners
There were over 4,000 unique sign-ups to SMWLDN events and 2,600+ Foursquare check-ins. During the week, the SMWLDN Webpage saw 4,500+ unique visitors and SMWLDN had over 19,500 mentions on Twitter*.

In terms of events, this SMWLDN, we held the first SMWLDN Fashion Day (#SMWLDNFashion) and the first day dedicated to those entering the industry or looking for their next step at Chinwag's Careers Day (#SMWCareers). We also held theFood Truck Challenge (#eatSMWLDN), a global challenge along with Social Media Week in Vancouver, Chicago and Los Angeles.

We owe a huge thank you to everyone who came along to an event or watched the livestreams, to everyone that took part, even in a small way.
Thanks to all our fantastic sponsors and partners, especially NokiaOracleVitrueBetapondEngageSciencesConstant Contact and Unique Digital, who very kindly hosted us and put up with our late night printing panics, food trucks, speakers, volunteers and interns. It simply wouldn't have been possible without you.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Accessible iPhone & Android Mobile Application launched for 'less abled' London

Blue Badge Style a guide for a less able, stylish lifestyle, has launched a free mobile application for iPhone and Android (Blackberry app is on it's way). The app is aimed at stylish people with mobility issues (initially in London). The application identifies 'cool' venues near your location and uses its bespoke tick rating system to grade them on style, accessibility and facilities. The team plans to expand the Blue Badge Style offering throughout the UK and then the major European cities.

Blue Badge Style

Fiona Jarvis
Founder Fiona Jarvis explains “mobility, or the lack of it, doesn’t mean that I’ve lost my sense of style, but I do want to know what to expect before I arrive at a venue. The Blue Badge Style app means that people with limited mobility and equally importantly, their friends, don’t have to be surprised or embarrassed by a lack of accessibility or facilities at a cool venue. It’s freedom shared!” 

The Blue Badge Style app has been jointly developed by Stuxbot and UCL Advances, who offered to help at a recent UCL Mobile Academy course, believing the idea to be one which would improve the lives of people with disabilities. There are plans to introduce a Text To Speech version for the Blind. The aim is for Blue Badge Style to eventually include all disabilities.

As the UK population ages, people with temporary or permanent mobility issues are on the increase.  Blue Badge Style estimates from government statistics, that up to 300,000 people in London have mobility issues. Founder, Fiona Jarvis wants to tap into this to create a community of like-minded people for whom style and disability are not mutually exclusive, and encourage them to rate their favourite restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, theatres etc. on Blue Badge Style. The tick rating system scores out of 5 for each category: 1.Access, 2.Facilities and 3.Style, so that users know exactly what to expect from each venue.

Fiona explains “Most people at some point in their life will experience periods of being less able. A sense of style does not diminish when this happens. If anything, it becomes more important”. She continues, “Style is the overriding premise of the website and app, along with a positive outlook on life. With this app you can easily see the best places near you, read our review, check the Blue Badge Style rating and get directions on how to get there. We’re also encouraging like-minded people to post their own reviews. We believe that decreased mobility need not stop you from enjoying a stylish life”.

    Blue Badge Style Website
    Download the iPhone/iPad App
    Download the Android App

    *Social Media Strategist is currently providing Blue Badge Style with marketing support & user experience consultancy

    Friday, 13 July 2012

    Should I have a Social Media Will?

    Social Media Will A new website looking at our digital legacy and social media will has launched

    “Social media is a part of daily life, so what happens to the online content that you created once you die? If you are active online you should consider creating a statement of how you would like your online identity to be handled, like a social media will”. (United States Government)

    Social Media Will addresses all aspects surrounding our digital footprint and our digital legacy. It explores and makes comments on how society, different social networks and society itself addresses this subject matter.

    Have you thought about whether you want to have digital legacy online? The chances are if you are engaged online, have a social network etc then this is now out of your hands.

    If you want to learn more and to get tips on creating a 'social media will' then this website is worth visiting.

    Wednesday, 4 July 2012

    The Global Green Awards is now open for entries

    This year, the programme is  raising the benchmark for sustainability  by awarding organisations for their  overall holistic sustainability strategy and empowering vision.  As part of the process, entrants  will benefit  from a free sustainability review and feedback on the entry outlining current strengths and future areas of opportunity
    There are 6 categories to enter this year based on the size and status of your organisation, each of which will be evaluated against 8 sustainability indicators which should be integral to a well rounded sustainability strategy.
    And what’s more – it’s free to enter by visiting

    Wednesday, 13 June 2012

    Growing your Business with Social Media – Workshop 1 Thursday 14th June, 11.00am to 1.00pm

    James Norris will be running two sessions on Thursday 14th June for UCL & Goldman Sachs 10ksb program. The two workshops have a 30 minute break in between, however many of the areas addressed overlap. If you are able to attend both we recommend doing so. The first workshop 'Growing your Business with Social Media'will address using social networks and online tools from a business perspective. This will allow you to attain an insight into your business, raise its awareness and ultimately help you to achieve your goals (such as profit, downloads, enquiries etc).
    This workshop will teach those attending how to use specific online platforms and why they may want to use each one for their own business. There will be a series of short tasks for attendees to carry out during the workshop each lasting no longer then five minutes. We encourage attendees to (ideally) bring a laptop with them. If those attending do not have a laptop they may wish to bring a tablet or a notepad. We expect all attendees to have a Facebook and Twitter account prior to the workshop. If you do not have an account for each please create them before the start of the workshop.
    .....Light lunch provided 1.00 – 1.30pm 
    Getting your business "found in Google" using SEO, analytics and online tools – Workshop 2 Thursday 14th June, 1.30pm to 3.30pm
    James Norris will be running two sessions on Thursday 14th June for UCL & Goldman Sachs 10ksb program. The two workshops have a 30 minute break in between, however many of the areas addressed overlap. If you are able to attend both we recommend doing so. This workshop Getting your business "found in Google" using SEO, analytics and online tools will begin with ‘an introduction to search engine optimization’ (SEO) presentation. This will show attendees how search engines (specifically Google) works and the criteria’s in which Google ranks websites for specific terms. The presentation will help attendees to think about factors that influence a website’s performance within search engines. After the presentation a number of SEO and analytic tools will be addressed. This will be carried out in a workshop format and attendees will be able to use a variety of free tools to get an idea of how their own website is performing. If attendees do not have a website they (in some circumstances) will be encouraged to use the tools to evaluate a company who could be seen as on of their competitors.
    This will give attendees the knowledge and tools required to analyse their website’s performance and help increase the amount of relevant traffic to it. We encourage attendees to (ideally) bring a laptop with them. If attendees do not have a laptop they may wish to bring a tablet or a notepad.
    James has devised and executed a range of different campaigns for brands and organisations including Channel 4, Nokia and Glastonbury Festival. He has also advised the Labour Party (Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Ken Livingston) about the state of the startup scene in the UK and troubles new businesses face in the current climate.
    Ed Miliband Social Media
    James is the founder the startup ‘DeadSocial’. DeadSocial attained support from UK Trade & Investment to announce the platform at SXSW in Texas earlier this year. DeadSocial has since enjoyed early success and recognition becoming a finalist at the London Web Summit 2012 before achieving a top four position at The Next Web & Microsoft’s ‘Startup Rally’ 2012 in Amsterdam in March.
    More information about James can be found at:    Social Media Strategist / DeadSocial / James’ Twitter account

    Sunday, 27 May 2012

    The Green Awards 2012

     The International Green Awards have now announced this year’s categories, including 12 open to direct entry and 3 nominated categories. Details on categories open to entry are available here. This year the event will be held in the iconic 'Battersea Power Station'. Dates for 2012 will be announced soon.

    Last years event was a brilliant occasion with Sir David Attenborough attaining the lifetime achievement award in the main hall of the Natural History Museum (under the watch of a giant Diplodocus)

      The Green Awards 2012 Entry Categories

    • Carbon Management Strategies
    • Building for the Future
    • Resource Efficiency (Resource Wise for Future Growth)
    • Responsible Procurement & Sustainable Supply Chain
    • Investment for Sustainable Outcomes
    • Creative Communications for Change
    • Educating for Change
    • Transformational Change
    • Innovation Solutions
    • ‘One to Watch’ (Future Game Changers)
    • Sustainability Influencer
    • Collaborating Today for a Better Tomorrow

    Friday, 6 April 2012

    DeadSocial are one of the 19 finalists of the TNW BizSpark Startup Rally to present at #TNW2012

    DeadSocial is a platform that allows anyone to create a calendar of secret, timed messages. These messages are then only distributed on DeadSocial and across the social web (Facebook, Google+ & Twitter) simultaneously after the user dies. 

    This allows explores communication and creativity, allows for final messages to be told to our wider networks and for us to extend our digital legacy.

    Today DeadSocial was announced as one of the final 19 startups chosen to pitch, present and launch their startup at The Next Web’s ‘Startup Rally’ in Amsterdam later this month.

    The Startup Rally will be the first time that DeadSocial open their “forever free” platform to the general public. Visitors to DeadSocial ahead of the Startup Rally are now able to create personal profiles and claim their unique username ahead of the event.

    The Startup Rally competition is divided into two channels - Alpha and Beta. The Alpha channel features 9 new startups (including DeadSocial), while the Beta channel is all about existing names with big new announcements.

    A panel of experts, chaired by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, will question each startup and judge their pitches to choose this year's winners. The Next Web Conference 2012 will be held on the 25th-27th April. The conference will feature a number of speakers from Adobe to Youtube and attract 1800 digital leaders and journalists from across the Globe.


    DeadSocial was announced in March at ‘South by South West’ (SXSW) in Texas this year before becoming finalists in the ‘London Web Summit’ Startup Competition. DeadSocial is a free service that allows humans to extent their digital legacy once they pass away. DeadSocial is a UK Startup and part of Really Simple Startups Ltd

    Online Sources

    Press Release

    Check out the 19 finalists of the TNW BizSpark Startup Rally to present at #TNW2012: The 7th edition of The Next Web Conference is coming up in less than three weeks. Part of this two day event is The Next Web Startup Rally powered by BizSpark, where 19 startups will launch their new services in front of a worldwide audience, press and investors. Out of more than 200 submissions, 19 finalists were selected after a three round selection process.

    Thursday, 22 March 2012


    DeadSocial is a platform that allows anyone to create a series of messages that remain a secret until after the user dies. Once the user dies they are then sent out to their Facebook, Twitter & Google plus account.

    This allows for not only a final goodbye to be told but it also allows us to continue to publish content and interact with people after we have passed away.

    DeadSocial is "forever free" to use so why not signup today :)

    Wednesday, 4 January 2012


    A new WIKI and artist directory has been created for 'Poetronica' artists. Poetronica is a fusion of Electronica music and Poetry. A feature about the genre was published in the Guardian last week and created a stir since then.

    Artists associated with the genre include Jamie (from the XX) and Scroobius Pip... It is a very English sounding genre!

    The rise of Poetronica will be an interesting area to follow in the coming months.

    Thursday, 8 December 2011

    Planet Kepler!

    A new website dedicated to Planet Kepler  has launched. The planet Kepler 22b has attained a lot of interest in the last week as it's conditions appear to be ideal for harvesting life.
    The design of the Planet Kepler website has taken on a 1940s / Space Age / Meet the Jeffersons feel. However it's content scrapes together the best scientific and reliable news available surrounding Kepler 22B and makes it understandable for the general public.
     The website seems to have launched three days ago and started to make a splash online and across Facebook and Twitter. We will be keeping a close on this website in the coming months.

    Wednesday, 30 November 2011

    New Foursquare update

    Foursquare has just been given a new update!

    In an effort to better promote publishers’ and brands’ content Foursquare has added two new buttons: Save to Foursquare and Follow.

    The location-based social networking service has made several updates in the past month, including a redesigned website, new features for its BlackBerry app, and badges that level up.

    Today the company announced that it has updated the Add to Foursquare feature, which lets users save reviews and articles about a venue to their To Do list and receive a call when they check in or are nearby. The Save to Foursquare button does the same thing, but promises to be easier for you to embed – some publishers were running into embedding issues with the previous version.

    When a consumer clicks on the button, a window will pop up to confirm the venue without taking him or her away from the page. The new button will integrate Radar – which sends alerts to users in real time – so that Foursquare can remind the user about the venue the next time he or she is out and about. Additionally the saved place will appear in his or her Foursquare app with your branding and a link back to the original article on your site.

    Foursquare’s new Follow button is similar to Twitter’s in that it lets users receive updates from brands. You can embed a Follow on Foursquare button on your website, and once clicked, an individual will begin to see your tips when he or she checks in, as well as where you check in and any Lists you create.

    This update makes it easier for brands to gain exposure through the Foursquare network. It also gives you a chance to be more involved in creating experiences for the users.

    Tuesday, 22 November 2011

    The Green Awards is nearly here


    Each year, the Global Green Awards aim to highlight pertinent topical issues within the overall framework of sustainability. This year, the UN declared International Year of Forests sets a perfect backdrop to the awards ceremony, ahead of the COP17 talks in Durban. Coupled with the Natural History Museum as the chosen venue this year, we aim to highlight the significance of nature, forests and biodiversity.

    This year also marks the second ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and the inaugural ‘Best Green International Celebrity Award’. The glittering green event will be hosted by nature TV presenter Phillipa Forrester and sustainable finance consultant, Leo Johnson.

    The International Green Awards ceremony will welcome the who’s who of sustainability and eco-glitterati on the awards night – 24th November 2011. Don’t miss your chance to attend this year’s spectacular sustainability gala!

    The International Green AwardsTM gala also emphasises on knowledge building, as exemplified by our speakers for the night. This year, our key note speaker, UNEP Acting Communications Director & Spokesperson, Nick Nuttall will underscore the importance of forests. Our second speaker, Peter Byck, Director & Producer of the movie ‘Carbon Nation’ will further emphasise on the need for ‘solutions’.