Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New Foursquare update

Foursquare has just been given a new update!

In an effort to better promote publishers’ and brands’ content Foursquare has added two new buttons: Save to Foursquare and Follow.

The location-based social networking service has made several updates in the past month, including a redesigned website, new features for its BlackBerry app, and badges that level up.

Today the company announced that it has updated the Add to Foursquare feature, which lets users save reviews and articles about a venue to their To Do list and receive a call when they check in or are nearby. The Save to Foursquare button does the same thing, but promises to be easier for you to embed – some publishers were running into embedding issues with the previous version.

When a consumer clicks on the button, a window will pop up to confirm the venue without taking him or her away from the page. The new button will integrate Radar – which sends alerts to users in real time – so that Foursquare can remind the user about the venue the next time he or she is out and about. Additionally the saved place will appear in his or her Foursquare app with your branding and a link back to the original article on your site.

Foursquare’s new Follow button is similar to Twitter’s in that it lets users receive updates from brands. You can embed a Follow on Foursquare button on your website, and once clicked, an individual will begin to see your tips when he or she checks in, as well as where you check in and any Lists you create.

This update makes it easier for brands to gain exposure through the Foursquare network. It also gives you a chance to be more involved in creating experiences for the users.

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