Sunday, 27 May 2012

The Green Awards 2012

 The International Green Awards have now announced this year’s categories, including 12 open to direct entry and 3 nominated categories. Details on categories open to entry are available here. This year the event will be held in the iconic 'Battersea Power Station'. Dates for 2012 will be announced soon.

Last years event was a brilliant occasion with Sir David Attenborough attaining the lifetime achievement award in the main hall of the Natural History Museum (under the watch of a giant Diplodocus)

  The Green Awards 2012 Entry Categories

  • Carbon Management Strategies
  • Building for the Future
  • Resource Efficiency (Resource Wise for Future Growth)
  • Responsible Procurement & Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Investment for Sustainable Outcomes
  • Creative Communications for Change
  • Educating for Change
  • Transformational Change
  • Innovation Solutions
  • ‘One to Watch’ (Future Game Changers)
  • Sustainability Influencer
  • Collaborating Today for a Better Tomorrow


Redspect said...

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Rick James said...

Thanks for your post! I have been wondering just what exactly green awards are..